Private and Exclusive Camps run in North Wales & Spain.

All the information related to the camps can be found on this website, so for extra information please click on the link pages which are highlighted in blue.  

Please note that we have an Application and Assessment process which enables us to hand pick the young people that we feel would benefit from our unique service.


UK Teen Group Camps are designed for 12-17 year old  teens who may struggle with a variety of emotional and behavioural issues. We also offer a One to One camp in Spain for  young people aged 10 - 21 years old which can be facilitated at short notice.

 We are the only ones outside of America that offer this service for families and their teens in the UK and Spain.

Teens on my camps could best be described as "good teens who are making bad decisions and wrong choices".

After identifying a lack of specialist help and support for teens, parents and families in the UK and Spain, I started Teencamps-UK in 2008.

There is a minimum  7 day stay and all camps run from Sunday to Saturday inclusive (unless otherwise agreed). 

Included in the price for the duration of the camp are a tent, roll mat, materials, food, individual and group sessions.

We have limited availability on our UK 2017 Summer Teen Group Camps.

We offer a highly personalised bespoke service.

Getting specialist help for 12-17 year old teens/ young adults and their parents/ families is often a frustrating and emotionally draining endeavour. Very few parents have any idea of where, when, and how to get appropriate help for their teen.

As we know, teens/ young adults do not come with an in-depth instruction manual which can be used to refer to from time to time and at times of challenging behaviour.

See my  Handbook for Parents.


Please note that a Teencamps-UK is NOT an activity holiday with specific activities.

All camps are "back to basics" whereby your young person will be completely away from all of life's modern distractions (i.e., mobile phones, computers, etc.). Your young person will start to learn basic life skills and begin to appreciate what they have left behind.

The camps are also an opportunity for your young person to experience a "digital detox" and disconnect from the modern world.

 Teencamps-UK offers sustainable solutions to families struggling to manage young people with problems. It can be effective for both male and female young people of different ages, economic status and cultural backgrounds and also for their families. I work with young people outdoors using a mixture of therapeutic approaches, my own life skills, mentoring and mediation skills to identity what's best for the teenager, as I truly believe that one size does not fit all.

The services I provide are Teen One to One camps, Teen Group camps,  Intervention Family Camps, Family and Teen counselling.

I have an up to date Child Protection Policy.

Teenbratcampuk Article in the Sun National Newspaper in July 2014 and a North West Newspaper.



Chief Executive

Teencamps-UK are the only provider of Teen Brat, Boot and Therapeutic camps in the UK and Spain since 2008.

For UK and International families and their teenagers who want to change for a better future.

Damon Bachegalup BA (Hons), Dip Couns. Author and Teen Behavioural Counsellor/Consultant.

Damon has a current enhanced DBS check and has been working with young people and vulnerable adults for over 16 years as a Teen Behavioural Counsellor/Consultant. 

Our expert advisor is a dedicated professional who provides the highest level of service, discretion and professionalism at all times.

Apart from having the right credentials, extensive training and many years of experience that qualifies him to help and advise young people and their families, he has extensive up to date knowledge and an inside track of what’s happening in his specialist field.

Damon’s innate understanding of his clients’ needs, challenges and aspirations allowed him to create a truly bespoke service, and highlighted the opportunity to assist his clients in other areas.

View his professional profile at

His camps can offer sustainable solutions to UK and International families struggling to manage young people with behavioural problem.

  • ""This place is not a punishment. It's a place to disconnect from the stress of life and build a new character within you. I have grown from a boy to a man""
    Shehz age 15
    young person who attended 2016
  • "" I know that its for me to change as I can't change others, only myself and the way I act towards others" "
    Young person
  • "Hi Damon Just a short line to say that J has been great at home, there has been an improvement in his behaviour, no problems getting up in the morning, not a cross word has..."
    Thank You